Brand war: Green Africa, United Nigeria battle for passengers with slashed airfares, free tickets

Green Africa and United Nigeria Airlines are currently fighting for the patronage of passengers in the aviation sector. Despite the current scarcity of Jet A1 fuel, the former has slashed prices of tickets by about 50% in the next month, the latter is offering free tickets to both existing and potential passengers.

This was confirmed by the airlines via statements they issued and posted on their websites.

According to the duo airlines, in the next one month, their passengers will enjoy great value like price slashes or free tickets to destinations of their choice. Below are what they are offering:

Green Africa

Green Africa, Nigeria’s Lagos-based airline commenced a special ‘One Month of Easter’ offer with starting fare of N25,500 (what used to be N50,000) only from 17th March to 18th April 2022 across selected routes.
The offer is applicable for travel dates between 17th March and 18th April 2022, allowing customers book their tickets to meet loved ones for Easter and return to base after the celebrations with affordable flight fares.
According to Obiukwu Mbanuzuo – Chief Commercial Officer, Green Africa, “This offer is timely for our existing customers and new customers who have before now wondered how they will spend time with their loved ones considering the current realities. Our commitment to make air travel affordable and accessible to many more people is what has inspired this special offer and we hope many Nigerians take advantage of this opportunity to have the Easter celebration they desire’.
The offer of N25,500 is applicable on the gSaver flight ticket, which is recommended for customers who travel light or who would like to pay for luggage separately. The gClassic ticket which offers 15kg checked-in luggage starts at N29,500 while the gFlex ticket with 20kg checked-in luggage has a starting fare of N38,500 only across selected routes.

United Nigeria Airline

United Nigeria Airline did not slash its airfares but offering free tickets to both existing and potential customers. Highlights of the offer:

For every 10 tickets bought between March 20 and 30th, the airline gives free ticket to the passengers.
To qualify, all tickets are expected to be issued from passengers invoice accounts.
All tickets must be newly booked and not rescheduled from an existing booking.
Free tickets must be redeemed before April 30, 2022.

What you need to know about airfares in the last month

Passengers in the aviation sector are presently going through difficult times as domestic airlines have jacked up airfares by a minimum of 100%, with a one-way economy ticket selling at over N50,000 or more, according to Nairametrics.

This came barely less than 10 days after the airline operators in Nigeria had warned that the skyrocketing price of aviation fuel by over 100% to about N400 per litre within a year, would lead to increase in the price of tickets in order to sustain their operations.

However, reports suggest the price of aviation fuel increased to between N420 to N450 per litre on Sunday depending on the city, as against the N400 per litre it was sold on Thursday, without prior notice to the airlines, with a prediction that it could rise to N500 per litre in a few days.

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