Fuel scarcity: Lagos reads riot act, to arrest motorists, impound vehicles causing traffic around filling stations 

The Lagos State Government has read the riot act to motorists queuing up for fuel at filling stations across the state causing heavy gridlock. 

The state government has directed the traffic regulatory authorities to enforce free movement of vehicles, arrest anyone that disrupts traffic around petrol stations and tow away any vehicle left on the road or not properly parked. 

The directive from the state government follows the long hours spent by motorists and commuters on the road as a result of traffic jam caused by vehicles who park indiscriminately and block the road while queueing up and waiting to buy fuel. 

The warning was given by the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Dr Frederic Oladeinde, who had insisted that motorists queueing up for fuel at filling stations should be orderly and not hinder the movement of others. 

What the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation is saying 

Oladeinde expressed displeasure at the disorderly behaviour of some drivers, who queue up haphazardly and disrupt traffic flow around petrol stations.  

He urged petrol marketers to ensure that products are sold in an orderly manner that would not infringe on the rights of other road users to free movement. 

He said, “The government sympathises with motorists who are enduring the pains of the fuel shortage being experienced across the country. This, however, is no excuse to block roads and impede traffic flow.’ 
The commissioner warned residents that excuses of faulty and unserviceable condition of vehicles are not tenable, advising motorists to always certify the status of their automobiles before putting them on the road. 
He said, “We want our roads to be free; we do not want fuel queues to constitute a burden for other road users in Lagos.’’ 
Oladeinde reiterated that efficient traffic management has remained crucial in the attainment of seamless multi-modal transportation in Lagos and sought the cooperation of the motoring public to ensure that the efforts of the State government yield results. 

What you should know 

Recall that several major cities across the country including Lagos and Abuja, have been experiencing serious fuel scarcity for several weeks, despite assurances the federal government and NNPC, due to the withdrawal of adulterated fuel. 
Lagos state which has been badly hit by the fuel scarcity with the resultant long queues at filling station, experience heavy traffic in some parts of the city due to indiscriminate parking of motorists wishing to buy fuel. 

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