How I intend to ‘chop life’ in 2022; Lifestyle changes to make in 2022

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you spent quality time with your families over the holidays. 2022 is upon us and there is already so much drama going on, but amidst all this drama, many people are still making New Year resolutions. For me, my New Year resolution is to chop life and take good care of myself this 2022, so that life will not chop me. So, here are 5 ways that I intend to chop life this year.

1. Self care: 2022 is all about self-care for me. Going through a pandemic since 2019 stressed most of us out and now it’s important to take a breather and take care of yourself. The pandemic also taught us the importance of self care and how it affects our health. I’m going to eat better, take lots of fruits to boost my immune system, and spend time looking good, I will get my nails done frequently so I can look and feel beautiful. My favourite nail studio is @Nailicure; for me, it’s Nailicure or nothing because aside from the fact that they make long-lasting beautiful nails, they also make you feel as comfortable as possible. It’s luxury all the way. I also plan to get my lashes done frequently so that even without makeup I’ll still look and feel beautiful. I always go to @lashextra for that.

2. Skin care: This year, I’m going to invest fully in skin care. You do not necessarily need to go to the spa to get facials done; you can start with the simple essential skin care products—a cleanser, a good moisturiser and exfoliator, and sunscreen, and little by little you incorporate products that target skin troubles that you have. If you want the luxury life like I do, here’s a list of top spas you can visit: Oriki, The Aesthetic Clinic, Hush’D, and Laserderm. You can also get original skin care products from @shopwithteeka4 on Instagram.

3. Massages: Massages are not overrated; they are very essential, especially if you work a 9-5 job or run a business. We all know that making money is not easy and once in a while, you need to loosen those stiff muscles and feel some form of relief. For me, I have decided that I, Simileoluwa Dada AKA Thatgirlsims, will be getting massages once a month or at least once in 2 months, and you can do this by getting easy-to-use self-massage equipment or visit any of these lovely spas: Oriki or Hush’D.

4. Create a safe and serene space for myself: There’s nothing better than coming home and being happy to be home because you feel relaxed, safe and like you’re in a peaceful environment. People who know me, know that I’m a sucker for minimalist and aesthetically pleasing spaces because having a beautiful, clean and neatly arranged environment helps the mental health. It keeps you organised, you’re able to think clearly, you wake up happy and relaxed and the good thing is that to revamp your space, you don’t even have to spend so much. All you might need is to declutter, i.e. do away with old items that you do not use, I believe that if I haven’t used an item in about 6 months then I most probably do not need it, so instead of keeping that item, why not give it out? Another way to create a serene environment is through aromatherapy; you can buy scented candles or diffusers. Places where you can get really lovely long-lasting scented candles are: @serendipity_by_sr (my fav and more affordable) and @danglifestyle_

5. Visit new places and restaurants, take mini-vacations, visit resorts in Nigeria so I can give y’all content. Lol.

I hope y’all now understand my plan for 2022 and I hope you join me by prioritising yourselves this year. Have a great year guys. Don’t forget to check out my vlog on how I revamped my bathroom area, I’ll leave a link below.


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